It seems like I had a silver platter of evidence for law enforcement to sink their teeth into:

  • Hubby gave me the original eblaster program disc, with his handwritten login info, the email address and password to the gmail account where Spectorsoft sent his reports and custoner service information.
  • He sent pages of my email that he had accessed from computers other than mine, from his lawyer to my lawyer in a packet of documents during the discovery portion of our divorce.
  • He confessed to the installation of eblaster on my computer under oath while on the stand in our divorce trial.
  • He provided proof of purchase for Spy Bubble (a cell phone monitoring product) in a bank statement also produced in discovery.
  • Spectorsoft complied promptly with a subpoena for information regarding his purchase, access and use of eblaster.
  • I kept the compromised laptop in the pristinely tampered with condition it was in, packing it away to be used as evidence – not even turning it back on til it was given to the police.

…and yet it took a year, once all of the evidence was handed over,  to get the “investigation” to arrest level.  All I could think of, was holy hell, what if anyone had actually had to go out and FIND evidence??

Next up:  It’s not my job.


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