Baby steps

Unfortunately, this will be a long slow process. Patience isn’t one of my strong suits.

The police in my case, asked me to file an identity theft report with the three credit bureaus. (Actually, I believe that you can file with one of them, and they will share the information). was pretty user friendly. Make sure to ask your responding officer before you do this; identity theft is a pretty serious crime and I imagine that a false report of it is also serious. I was told to make the report because my ex had used my email and personal accounts to send messages to other people without telling the persons he was corresponding with that it was not me. In my responding officers eyes, this was identity theft. I see his point, but still don’t think online impersonation by my ex has much in common with my credit score.

The other step I was told to take, which seemed equally useless, was to file a report with This is an online form to fill out, supposedly for the FBI, if you have been the victim of a cybercrime. Again, the crimes they seem to be focusing on didn’t really seem to fit my problem; their focus looks to be more toward Nigerian scams or other financial schemes.

Reporting identity theft and to ic3 will both leave you with something to print out for The Binder, but little else. I’ve never been contacted as a result of either of these reports. But it gives the police something to distract you with I suppose!

Next topic will be advocacy groups.


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