Did Your Spouse Pay These Guys To Hack Your Email Password?


Lest we forget, it doesn’t take Spy vs Spy techniques or elaborate techno surveillance to get all up into your business. Brute force, lucky guesses and a list of the most common passwords just might do the trick. And thats assuming you don’t allow your browser to “remember” you and save your login info!

Even if your beloved can’t guess your password – and it’s still illegal to access your private, password protected accounts – he probably DOES know the answers to your security questions. Your mom’s maiden name, your first pet, your favorite teacher’s name or what your first car was, are far from top secret information.

My suggestion for answering security questions is to pick someone else, your dad, best friend, high school boyfriend, or (what I, briefly, used) your spouse’s information. THEIR moms maiden name, first car, date of birth, etc. You’ll still know all of the answers, but no one else will be able to guess, because they aren’t “your” answers.


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