Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain

This was originally a reply to a comment someone made to another post. Punctuation and the niceties of writing suffer some when I try to write the Great American Novel from my iPhone, but this was from the heart and I decided to share with more than “Beto”.

Actually, now that I did a bit of research, it seems that the Panama Unit incident fell under federal, not local or state,prosecutorial jurisdiction.

Rene Guerra’s challenger and his followers have cleverly played upon the voters hearts with promises to prosecute a tragic 50 year old case. They have also tried to paint Rene Guerra as derelict in his duties, insisting that he shoulders some culpability for the corruption of the Panama Units actions or punishment.

An uninformed or misinformed voter, embarrassed by the Rio Grande Valley once again in the national spotlight, can be gently led to choosing a political sacrifice. What they need to be reminded of is how the Valley keeps earning its reputation for corruption:

The Panama Unit scandal, the crimes that brought it to a boil, were cooked up using a time honored local recipe. Some greed, opportunity, and a generous helping of cabal-like families holding too much political power in the small community monarchies of South Texas. Add ego and a dash of entitlement to taste. Leave unattended over an open flame until it blows like a meth lab.

I heard some rhetoric about “change” a few years ago, and I think we didn’t ask enough questions about what exactly that meant.

Now we are hearing that word again. But what kind of change? Ricardo Rodriguez, in my opinion, comes from one of those cabals. How many relatives of his hold, have held, or have been removed from local positions of power?

Rodriguez insisting that Rene Guerra could have or should have overreached his jurisdiction is pretty funny to me.

Ricky Rod certainly had no problem making his own rules when he acted outside his jurisdiction of the 92nd District Court in my divorce.


New Delay In Dr Steven Curley Eblaster Felony Trial

While I’m not surprised, I am certainly disappointed. Dr Curley claimed he’d be “vindicated” in court…but judging by his repeated requests for continuances, he isn’t ready for that day in court.

The new trial date is March 26, 2014. He was arrested in October 2013. From my case against my ex, I can guess that the arrest was made probably nearly a year after the complaint was filed and evidence slowly collected.

Yes, an accused person has the right to a speedy trial. But doesn’t the victim also have the right to closure and an end to fear? I personally feel that if the doctor’s attorneys aren’t ready to proceed, perhaps returning the doctor to jail until they are ready, would instill a sense of urgency.

I have a intense distrust of the system when it allows individuals unending delays that only serve to dilute the concern of the courts and media.

This new court date for Dr Curley happens to coincide with the date that his “alleged accomplice” also theoretically goes to trial.

I bet neither of them see trial next month. Any takers?


Hidalgo County DA’s Office To The Rescue

Once again, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Rene Guerra’s Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office. Without even talking to me, somehow one of the Assistant DA’s managed to take a meeting scheduled by the McAllen PD investigator who had been too busy to work on my case or return my phone calls.

Today I had an unexpected and gosh darn pleasant conversation with the aforementioned investigator (he called me!).

My feeling about this meeting was that the investigator (who has not impressed me thus far with gathering evidence, especially anything that I didn’t facilitate) was going to present a half baked file to the Hidalgo County DA and come back to tell me they weren’t going to prosecute for lack of evidence.

I do not know what Rene Guerra’s Felony Intake Asst DA said to that investigator, but thank you! Suddenly, after a year, he sounds excited about the case. He’s enthusiastic and apparently motivated. He did go on a bit about how impressed the DA’s office was with “his” evidence…but I will bask in the reflected glow. I know that my careful curating of the physical evidence until the threshold for criminal charges was met, is why this is a damn good looking case.

After 30 years as Hidalgo County DA, you can’t think that the office isn’t a family. Those people work well together because they’ve grown together. If Ricardo Rodriguez believes he could, in his wildest dreams simply take the patriarchs place, he is deluding himself and the very expensive votes he’s been cultivating.

Hank Lehmann / Steven Curley Eblaster Update

I wondered how it would play out, when Dr Curley got his trial postponed until the end of February, and his alleged accomplice was left going to trial before the doctor.

The Harris County District Clerks website shows that Hank Lehmann’s (the computer expert who has been indicted for installing Spectorsoft’s spy software Eblaster on the former Mrs. Curley’s computer) trial for felony Interception of Electronic Communication has been postponed – huge surprise – until March 26, 2014. This neatly hopscotched his Lehmann’s case to be heard after Dr Curley’s. Well, in theory anyway.

Since I have a very very similar case pending against my darling (and by darling I mean creepy) ex, I am terrified and morbidly curious to see how long it takes to actually get to trial.

I don’t know any more about the Curley case than anyone else who reads the news and can do a basic google search, but from my own experience, I find it highly unlikely that these men were arrested in Harris County without pretty darn good evidence. Innocent until proven guilty, but I don’t think the PD in Houston is going to arrest a well known MD Anderson doctor unless they are pretty sure… It takes countless search warrants, subpoenas and statements to tie all of that digital evidence together.


Hidalgo County DA’s Office

The more trouble I have with the “investigator” at the McAllen Texas police department, the more grateful I am for the Hidalgo County District Attorneys Office under Rene Guerra.

Every step of the way, in both the eblaster case and another issue during my divorce, these people have been a godsend. Unlike most public officials – the McAllen mayors office refuses to let me speak to him, and the chief of police has been impossible to actually get on the phone – every phone call I have made to anyone in Rene Guerra’s office has been promptly returned. Usually it is actually answered by the party I am trying to reach.

Most astonishingly, Mr. Guerra himself has been pleasant, helpful and accessible. He has provided direction to the proper channels when possible, and been polite but clear about the limits of what he is legally allowed to do or say.

Today, when I contacted an investigator within the DA’s office to address my concerns with the police investigation and the gaping holes that lack of investigation may have left in the case, the call ended with me feeling more informed and taken seriously. This has been historically lacking in my attempted communication with the investigator at the police department.

Interestingly, I have tried to contact the original judge in my divorce to discuss an illegal order he made in my case, and the further orders he made to enforce that illegal order. Ricardo Rodriguez has not responded to or returned my calls, tweets and emails – and this is a man who stepped down from the bench and the mess he made in my case, to run against Rene Guerra for Gidalgo County DA. I hope that enough people realize the difference in ethics, experience and education between the two candidates to make the right choice, and keep Rene Guerra in office, instead of voting for the most expensive campaign posters.

Distrust of the courts


My divorce was in the 92nd District Court, in Hidalgo County, Texas. The courthouse is in Edinburg, but McAllen is the more well known city in Hidalgo County.

My cyberstalking case against my ex is being investigated by the McAllen Police Department (sincere thanks to Sgt Nino and Lt Freeman), and will be tried in the Hidalgo County courts, quite possibly the a District Court, and I hope like hell not the 92nd.

The original judge, Ricardo Rodriguez, made orders outside of his jurisdiction (not legal!!) when he issued Temporary Orders Pending Appeal in my ex’s favor – 9 months after the appeal was perfected. The trial court, and Judge Ricardo Rodriguez, lost the jurisdiction and right to make temporary orders pending appeal 30 days after the appeal was perfected. Not only did he issue bad orders, he then enforced them with MORE orders, and punished me for pointing out that the orders were invalid.

Is it any wonder that the Rio Grande Valley, and Hidalgo County, have such a rotten reputation for stupidity and corruption?

And now, Judge Rodriguez has stepped down to run for Hidalgo County District Attorney. I wonder how my stalking case against my ex will go if Ricardo Rodriguez is charged with prosecuting him for the crime?

Incumbent DA Rene Guerra mentioned Ricardo Rodriguez “error” in my case in a recent debate.

Blame the Victim

Today a male left two comments on my Addicted to Spying post. I approved them both and replied, but after thinking about it for a little while, I’m annoyed.
The gist of his opinion seemed to be that I had obviously only married my ex for money, was pressing criminal charges because I didn’t get what I wanted in the divorce, he was entitled to spy on me, and I was probably doing something wrong and my husband had to spy on me – I must have deserved it.

Ridiculous. I don’t drink, but I’d be pretty pissed if I had to breathe into one of those dwi ignition locks everytime I got in the car. Or how about getting randomly pulled over by the police and searched because I drive a pimped out Escalade? Do I deserve to be groped or worse if I wear sexy clothes?

A very smart woman once told me that “If you look for something, you will find it.” By that, she didn’t mean actual proof, she meant that if you have convinced yourself that something is true, all of the proof to the contrary will not change your mind. My favorite personal example of this was a blank white credit card with a magnetic strip and an arrow on it, that my ex “found” while digging in my purse. To him, it was obviously a hotel room key. Actually, it was a prepaid card used strictly for the purpose of making photocopies at the library. I offered to take him and prove it at the library…but he was more interested in being mad.

It’s like who shot JFK. Everyone has the same info – but people can explain away almost anything in the interest of being right.

“It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is” – Al Gore, inventor of global warming and the internet. (And husband of Tipper, censorship diva)

I will be gracious to dissenting opinions, but I will not debate on my blog. We can do that on yours, if you like. My purpose here is not to deflect blame for my marriage mistakes, or to vindicate myself by enumerating all of the things I think my husband did wrong in 8 years together. I started this blog hoping to help other victims see a light at the end of the tunnel (one not attached to a surveillance camera), to help their friends and family understand that the victim isn’t crazy or doing something to deserve it, and to show that spouse out there that might be considering going down the road to this addiction, that it ends in handcuffs.

And maybe to vent. Just a little.

Hank Lehmann, alleged accomplice of Dr Steven Curley

Eblaster, Dr Steven Curley alleged accomplice
Eblaster, Dr Steven Curley alleged accomplice

Eblaster, Dr Steven Curley alleged accomplice

Somehow, I had neglected to add Hank Lehmann to the list of Eblaster enthusiasts. According to news reports, and the Harris County District Clerk’s website, Hank was Dr. Curley’s alleged computer expert, who installed the spyware on a computer belonging to Curley’s ex wife. Lehmann is also a former employee of the Texas cancer hospital, M D Anderson, in Houston.

Dr. Curley isn’t scheduled to appear in court until later this month (February 26, 2014), and is out on bail. Mr. Lehmann, it seems is going to trial on February 19, 2014.

I am interested to see how that plays out….