Counter Hacking

This post will be updated as I find more information to help the victims of cyber surveillance learn to protect themselves from future attacks, and help them defeat the existing surveillance.

There are assorted ways to detect and foil your would be private investigator. Simple spyware scans aren’t always effective against an intruder with above average computer skills or financial resources – but they are a good starting point. Run your Norton or McAfee, and then go to their website to see how to make sure that nothing has been intentionally excluded from detection on your website.

There are clever counter measures available from the same hackers that publish the exploits that enabled your sneak to access your data in the first place (gotta love the real hackers, the ones that do it for the love of true freedom if information – not the cyberpunks that only use their powers for evil).

This author, occupytheweb, posts on one of my favorite sites, WonderHowTo  some frightening and technically detailed instructions on how to spy on one’s computer.  I include his work here, with the intent of educating those who have been cyber stalked – and remind everyone that accessing a nonconsenting adult’s private, password protected accounts for any reason, is a Federal felony, and any of several second degree felony charges in Texas.  I don’t know the laws of other states offhand, but I don’t imagine that they are very different.

Forbes published an article on some of the more wicked commercially available apps for cell phone spying.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has some excellent articles on keeping your digital world private, both computers and cell phones. (As well as the networks, wifi, etc)


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