Communication with Police

My dealings with law enforcement have been consistent only in that they have been equally frustrating. Any and everything that they can classify as a “civil action”, and not eligible for police interference, they will readily lump into that category.

I have heard stories about domestic violence calls, and the victim later “deciding” not to press charges. It seems reasonable that perhaps officers wait a bit before launching an investigation and case that they make sure a victim is really interested in pursuing justice.

I think I’ve given the McAllen Texas police department every indication that I am wanting them to take this case to a prosecutable conclusion. I also think that as a victim of stalking, I have the right to updates on the case. It is incredibly annoying to be lied to by law enforcement – if I lied to them, I’d probably find myself in jail. When I call up the food chain and get sergeants, captains, the chief, city commissioners, the city manager or mayor involved, you’d think that I would have LESS trouble getting answers, not more.

Remember: the police – and all of the other elected, appointed or paid by tax dollar persons – work for you. You have the right to speak, politely, to all of them. You have the right to information that impacts your safety. Law enforcement has an obligation to investigate and bring to justice all legitimate reports of crime. Stalking IS considered (in Texas) a violent crime.

Just a little pep talk for me…and maybe someone else that is fuming helplessly at the imperial attitude effected by some law enforcement.


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