Distrust of the courts


My divorce was in the 92nd District Court, in Hidalgo County, Texas. The courthouse is in Edinburg, but McAllen is the more well known city in Hidalgo County.

My cyberstalking case against my ex is being investigated by the McAllen Police Department (sincere thanks to Sgt Nino and Lt Freeman), and will be tried in the Hidalgo County courts, quite possibly the a District Court, and I hope like hell not the 92nd.

The original judge, Ricardo Rodriguez, made orders outside of his jurisdiction (not legal!!) when he issued Temporary Orders Pending Appeal in my ex’s favor – 9 months after the appeal was perfected. The trial court, and Judge Ricardo Rodriguez, lost the jurisdiction and right to make temporary orders pending appeal 30 days after the appeal was perfected. Not only did he issue bad orders, he then enforced them with MORE orders, and punished me for pointing out that the orders were invalid.

Is it any wonder that the Rio Grande Valley, and Hidalgo County, have such a rotten reputation for stupidity and corruption?

And now, Judge Rodriguez has stepped down to run for Hidalgo County District Attorney. I wonder how my stalking case against my ex will go if Ricardo Rodriguez is charged with prosecuting him for the crime?

Incumbent DA Rene Guerra mentioned Ricardo Rodriguez “error” in my case in a recent debate.


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