The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My mom wanted a micro sd card for her tablet. I thought, hey I’ve got lots of ’em! I’ll format one of those teeny 16 gb suckers and save her a few bucks! (Side note – 16 gb on something wafer thin and smaller than my pinkie nail. I believe that my circa 1980 Tandy TRS-80 came with a mind blowing 30 kb and a War Games modem, in one sexy package. I also think I may still be grounded for my long distance bill from calling bulletin boards..)

Because I didn’t want the remains of any possible spyware to give mom’s tablet the same possessed tendencies my phones had, I decided to go through every file on the sd card before I formatted it and infected installed it in moms tablet.

And damn if that tool ex of mine isn’t consistent. Sure enough, here was a file with pics of my daughter, the beach, etc. and there, a few lines away, is whar appears to be the “temporary” file for his spyware. 163 screen captures, most of which showed me logging in to email, or Facebook or Dozens of images that the timestamp says were taken within 60 seconds. Then nada til I’m filling in a password on another page. Less than 24 hours worth of surveillance, trapped on that little gadget because I had removed the sd card from my cell just before I flung the phone into the Gulf of Mexico because Somebody was using the computer at his girlfriends house to spy on me….

I think I’ll get mom a brand new memory card. And this one can go to the McAllen police department.


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