Hidalgo County DA’s Office

The more trouble I have with the “investigator” at the McAllen Texas police department, the more grateful I am for the Hidalgo County District Attorneys Office under Rene Guerra.

Every step of the way, in both the eblaster case and another issue during my divorce, these people have been a godsend. Unlike most public officials – the McAllen mayors office refuses to let me speak to him, and the chief of police has been impossible to actually get on the phone – every phone call I have made to anyone in Rene Guerra’s office has been promptly returned. Usually it is actually answered by the party I am trying to reach.

Most astonishingly, Mr. Guerra himself has been pleasant, helpful and accessible. He has provided direction to the proper channels when possible, and been polite but clear about the limits of what he is legally allowed to do or say.

Today, when I contacted an investigator within the DA’s office to address my concerns with the police investigation and the gaping holes that lack of investigation may have left in the case, the call ended with me feeling more informed and taken seriously. This has been historically lacking in my attempted communication with the investigator at the police department.

Interestingly, I have tried to contact the original judge in my divorce to discuss an illegal order he made in my case, and the further orders he made to enforce that illegal order. Ricardo Rodriguez has not responded to or returned my calls, tweets and emails – and this is a man who stepped down from the bench and the mess he made in my case, to run against Rene Guerra for Gidalgo County DA. I hope that enough people realize the difference in ethics, experience and education between the two candidates to make the right choice, and keep Rene Guerra in office, instead of voting for the most expensive campaign posters.


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