Hank Lehmann / Steven Curley Eblaster Update

I wondered how it would play out, when Dr Curley got his trial postponed until the end of February, and his alleged accomplice was left going to trial before the doctor.

The Harris County District Clerks website shows that Hank Lehmann’s (the computer expert who has been indicted for installing Spectorsoft’s spy software Eblaster on the former Mrs. Curley’s computer) trial for felony Interception of Electronic Communication has been postponed – huge surprise – until March 26, 2014. This neatly hopscotched his Lehmann’s case to be heard after Dr Curley’s. Well, in theory anyway.

Since I have a very very similar case pending against my darling (and by darling I mean creepy) ex, I am terrified and morbidly curious to see how long it takes to actually get to trial.

I don’t know any more about the Curley case than anyone else who reads the news and can do a basic google search, but from my own experience, I find it highly unlikely that these men were arrested in Harris County without pretty darn good evidence. Innocent until proven guilty, but I don’t think the PD in Houston is going to arrest a well known MD Anderson doctor unless they are pretty sure… It takes countless search warrants, subpoenas and statements to tie all of that digital evidence together.



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