New Delay In Dr Steven Curley Eblaster Felony Trial

While I’m not surprised, I am certainly disappointed. Dr Curley claimed he’d be “vindicated” in court…but judging by his repeated requests for continuances, he isn’t ready for that day in court.

The new trial date is March 26, 2014. He was arrested in October 2013. From my case against my ex, I can guess that the arrest was made probably nearly a year after the complaint was filed and evidence slowly collected.

Yes, an accused person has the right to a speedy trial. But doesn’t the victim also have the right to closure and an end to fear? I personally feel that if the doctor’s attorneys aren’t ready to proceed, perhaps returning the doctor to jail until they are ready, would instill a sense of urgency.

I have a intense distrust of the system when it allows individuals unending delays that only serve to dilute the concern of the courts and media.

This new court date for Dr Curley happens to coincide with the date that his “alleged accomplice” also theoretically goes to trial.

I bet neither of them see trial next month. Any takers?



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