Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain

This was originally a reply to a comment someone made to another post. Punctuation and the niceties of writing suffer some when I try to write the Great American Novel from my iPhone, but this was from the heart and I decided to share with more than “Beto”.

Actually, now that I did a bit of research, it seems that the Panama Unit incident fell under federal, not local or state,prosecutorial jurisdiction.

Rene Guerra’s challenger and his followers have cleverly played upon the voters hearts with promises to prosecute a tragic 50 year old case. They have also tried to paint Rene Guerra as derelict in his duties, insisting that he shoulders some culpability for the corruption of the Panama Units actions or punishment.

An uninformed or misinformed voter, embarrassed by the Rio Grande Valley once again in the national spotlight, can be gently led to choosing a political sacrifice. What they need to be reminded of is how the Valley keeps earning its reputation for corruption:

The Panama Unit scandal, the crimes that brought it to a boil, were cooked up using a time honored local recipe. Some greed, opportunity, and a generous helping of cabal-like families holding too much political power in the small community monarchies of South Texas. Add ego and a dash of entitlement to taste. Leave unattended over an open flame until it blows like a meth lab.

I heard some rhetoric about “change” a few years ago, and I think we didn’t ask enough questions about what exactly that meant.

Now we are hearing that word again. But what kind of change? Ricardo Rodriguez, in my opinion, comes from one of those cabals. How many relatives of his hold, have held, or have been removed from local positions of power?

Rodriguez insisting that Rene Guerra could have or should have overreached his jurisdiction is pretty funny to me.

Ricky Rod certainly had no problem making his own rules when he acted outside his jurisdiction of the 92nd District Court in my divorce.


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