Hidalgo Co. District Attorney Democratic Primary

Luckily, I don’t live in the Rio Grande Valley anymore…to my unending dismay, my legal battles seem to be firmly rooted in the quagmire that is South Texas.

I’m disappointed and completely stunned to see that Ricardo Rodriguez appears to have won the Democratic Primary for the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s position. Rodriguez’ platform touted “change”; I seem to recall a lot of voters, not too long ago, also voting for “change”…without seeming to care what changes were planned. I sincerely hope, for MY sake, that what’s behind Door Number 2 proves himself worthy of the voters trust.
RickyRod, once again, my safety, future, and family are in your hands. The idea absolutely terrifies me – I am intimately acquainted with your knowledge and interpretation of the law. I’ve been the victim of crime at the hands of my exhusband, and then further victimized in the hands of law enforcement and the courts. I cannot believe that I am once again going to be at the mercy of your whims. I deliberately and carefully kept all of the details of my exhusband’s extensive and incessant surveillance and stalking of myself, my friends and my family, as far from your realm at the 92nd District Court as humanly possible.

1 appeal, 13 rescheduled final divorce dates, 1 order outside your jurisdiction (bookended & enforced with writs and punishments that were dismissed by a DA in another county), 5 judges. A year long police investigation, involving at least 3 illegally used programs, a trail of surveillance equipment, a minimum of 4 rental cars for covert tailing, calls to FBI, the Texas OAG, Secret Service, three police departments, sheriff departments in 5 counties, two hired body guards, sweeps by 3 licensed Private Imvestigators…and me, literally never by myself in the past 2 years because of a very real concern that I have a possibility of being the involuntary half of a murder-suicide.

All of that effort to keep a nasty divorce and my exhusband’s crimes in two unrelated courtrooms… And at the end, a thread connecting them through an improbable sequence of events.

But from the flames rise a sparkling hope: that Rene Guerra might possibly consider representing me in the cleanup of that divorce in the 92nd district court, being my advocate during my criminal case against my exhusband, and a white knight in a civil case for damages arising from the crimes committed by my ex.

I ask that my portion of any civil judgement related to the spyware and stalking be divided between an organization that helps other victims of those crimes seek legal recourse, and to TOR and the EFF; for providing continued resources that enable anyone who so chooses, the knowledge and means to protect one’s rights and privacy from threats foreign or domestic.



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