4 Year Divorce & 2 Year Investigation

I think I’m a pretty patient person, but February and May mark two rather annoying anniversaries: As of February, the criminal investigation of my darling husband is in it’s second year. Considering that the majority of the evidence is digital, and accessible with keystrokes, this strikes me as excessive.

Or it would, if the divorce wasn’t on the cusp of Year Four. For those keeping track, that’s also how many years we made it before filing for divorce. And I can honestly attribute the delay to my someday ex and the 92nd District Court of Hidalgo County Texas. One year spent in a groundless appeal by hubby, and then 13 dates rescheduled by the court (and one by me when my atty broke his leg), and a total of five judges assigned to the case.

I can assure you that this is not to my benefit. My ex has had 4 years to dissipate assets, game the legal system and create chaos in a little girls life.

In the meantime, he is allowed to continue the stalking, threats, bad mouthing about me to my daughter (and anyone else who will listen). He insists upon exercising his “rights” – but pawns her off on other people when she is with him.

Happy anniversary to me!


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