The Never Ending Divorce, Update

Lucky for my attorney and myself, I compulsively check the Hidalgo County 92nd District Court website! Imagine my (complete lack of) surprise to see that I was scheduled for a hearing a week from today, that neither I nor my attorney had been consulted with before choosing the date!

Historically, my attorney and the weasel retained by my ex will chat and compare calendars before giving the court a few days that they are both available, and the court chooses from those.

This appears to be a courtesy we are no longer offered, but this is still a familiar ploy – this isn’t the first time the other side has tried to slip a court date past us.

Oh boy! This should be fun. Let’s see…hubby hasn’t done a single thing he was told to do back in the beginning of January, and his counsel has taken great liberties with their interpretation of what the judge said at that time. The orders they presented to us for approval were sent back with corrections…which were apparently ignored. They just set a hearing for entry of the orders they drafted anyway!

Too bad I can’t tell Judge Jaime Tijerina about my ex’s incredibly hostile attitude since January, his little felony investigation, and how my ex dumps our beautiful, sweet, brilliant daughter off with friends when she’s supposedly in his care – just like he’s always done.

I’ve about reached my breaking point…


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