Ex-Wife Hit with $20,000 Judgment in Greeneville for Eavesdropping with Spyware: Klumb v. Goan

This is one of the cases that made my list – even though it isn’t in Texas. While it involves Eblaster, it’s unique in that a woman is the cyber criminal. In my unscientific opinion, from the cases I’ve seen, it usually seems to be the husband or boyfriend resorting to spyware. Or at least getting caught using it!

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Knoxville divorce lawyers Husband and Wife married in 2006. He was a wealthy businessman and she a new attorney.

Prior to the marriage, Wife purchased spyware called “eBlaster.” eBlaster is a computer software program that can perform various spyware functions. It can record every keystroke made on the computer on which it is installed. It can also keep track of all websites visited and all applications used on that computer, and it can capture screenshots of instant messages and cached webpages. Further, it can be directed to automatically forward copies of incoming email accessed on that computer to a third party email address.

After the marriage, Wife surreptitiously installed eBlaster on Husband’s work computer. She set up the program to send a report of all computer activities to her email address every hour.

After about 1.5 years of marriage, the marriage had deteriorated. Wife filed for divorce.

Husband hired a forensic computer expert to…

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