Steven Curley & Hank Lehmann Jury Trial Set

As expected, both men reset their trials again. Both are set for a pre-trial conference on 5/30/2014 and scheduled for a jury trial in the 339th District Court on 06/02/2014.

I wonder if the cases will actually go to trial then, or if there will be another delay? Can a judge and jury weigh the case on it’s own? I am concerned that will they be swayed by the doctor’s reputation as a researcher and physician – that a “greater good” mindset will come into play.

If Dr Curley and Mr Lehmann are indeed innocent, I hope that they are vindicated. But if they are guilty, I hope that there are no special allowances made because of who Dr Curley is. This crime carries a minimum mandatory sentence. I would also hope that, if found guilty, conviction of this felony would constitute “Professional Misconduct”, and result in forfeiture of his medical license.

I have been inundated with testimonials from former patients of, or the families of former patients of, Dr Curley. I respect that many were happy with his skill and compassion as a physician. I understand that thousands could potentially benefit from the treatment method his company largely owns the patent for, and the research he has spent years conducting at MD Anderson and now Baylor. But none of that should excuse behavior or cancel out consequences.


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