Curley Jury Trial Set for 6/2/14 or Maybe 6/9/14 – and Guess What Info An Indicted Stalker Can Subpoena?!

The summary page for both Dr Curley and Hank Lehmann at the Harris County District Clerk website show a change of date for the jury trials to 06/09/2014; the settings pages for both still show the previously posted 06/02/2014 trial date.

While poking around on Dr Curley’s case information, I went to the “images” tab. Not sure how I missed these gems before, but listed are several subpoenas sent by Curley’s lawyer to various entities as requests to produce documents and information.

Of the half dozen or so subpoenas, most alarming are the ones to Hotmail and yahoo. These request copies of ALL of his exwife’s email correspondence. This man was arrested and indicted on charges that the State of Texas has (in similar cases) deemed to constitute stalking. I can’t help but feel that he is probably the last person on earth who should be allowed to obtain any information he didn’t already have regarding his former wife’s private, password protected email. I certainly hope that if he or “anyone” connected to him has the poor judgement to contact or harass anyone because of information obtained as a result of those subpoenas, that there are some legal remedies for continued stalking and harassment – as well as to anyone who provides unredacted correspondence to a man that the University of Texas investigated, Harris County indicted, and is being tried for wiretapping. Remember that the State of Texas is the plaintiff in this case – not the 2nd Mrs. Steven Curley.

I will add copies of the subpoenas when I photoshop out personal information that I feel should have never been posted on a public website regarding a person who is not a party to the case.

Not only should an indicted stalker not have the privilege of the courts assistance in facilitating further potential stalking, but the County should be ashamed of this lack of judgement.


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