Dr Curley Strikes Deal To Avoid Prison

Well, it’s a far cry from the “vindication” that the good doctor swore was coming. But he has effectively “gotten off”.

I personally feel like his media campaign chronicling his cancer research progress was carefully choreographed to coincide with press releases about his pending court dates.

I’ll post more complete info later, but the Erie News is on top of it

The charges were not dismissed. It looks like he took a plea deal.

Love that justice system.


4 thoughts on “Dr Curley Strikes Deal To Avoid Prison

  1. As I tell my kids, don’t put yourself in a position where you have to rely on “justice”. While “she” is blind, judges and law enforcement are not. Simply live your life in a way where you don’t need to rely on “justice”.


    • I agree! Unfortunately it is difficult to protect yourself from people who don’t play by the rules. In my case, the biggest problem wasn’t that my husband accessed my email accounts, it was that he used them to pretend to be me and generate correspondance that I would not have engaged in, with the intent of using it maliciously first to try to blackmail me, then in divorce court to tip the scales in his favor. What ended up happening is that he became addicted to snooping. I continue to have new security issues as technology improves.

      You don’t have to be doing anything wrong, for someone to manipulate things to appear otherwise.

      While I shouldn’t HAVE to trust justice, it is very sad that I’ve repeatedly been shown that I CANNOT trust the system. I am not one to play the gender or race cards…but sometimes you’re dealt rampant discrimination and being a white woman fighting a Hispanic male in a community ruled by other Hispanic men…well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it might just be a misogynistic racist duck with a big quacking macho chip on its shoulder. Or wing.


    • That sounds good, and in my experience, karma works better than 80% of the time…good things happen to good people.

      I’m certainly no saint; BUT I’ve never woken up some Thursday and thought, Kelly, today you should really eff up someones life. I am a live and let live kinda gal. I won’t fire the first shot.

      Be very aware, though, that I take no quarter. If you’re going to play, be prepared to go all in. I am.

      It’s nearly a vaudeville comedy, how little “justice” has come into play in ANY part of my 4 1/2 year crash course in dealing with the judicial, law enforcement and legislative branches of government. Governor Rick Perry (who I admire greatly for his tireless drive to make Texas the best state to live in for people who want jobs, no state income tax, and to own guns, cattle and big honkin trucks) anywho, Perry appoints a warm body (Jaime Tijerina) to fill a seat in the 92nd district court until the regular election about a year later. I was pretty excited, thinking that Tijerina couldn’t POSSIBLY do any worse than Ricardo Rodriguez – who only tried one case as an attorney, before joining the family business – holding elected offce. Rodriguez was the most appealed judge in the Rio Grande Valley. As I learned, it was because he hadn’t the slightest idea how to fulfill the duties of his office. So after Rodriguez made orders outside of the jurisdiction of his court, and followed them up with enforcement actions..I was ready for Tijerina.

      Never underestimate the Catholic school ties. I’m not sure if it was a wingman situation (Tijerina and my sweet husband went to school together from kinder at Our Lady Of Sorrows al the way through McAllen High School. I’m sure it was mere coincidence that when I pointed out that my hubby had bought and attempted to conceal the purchase of a new Dodge truck, Jaime said he didn’t have time to deal with that…he had an election fundraiser to go to and babies to kiss.

      I’m absolutely DELIGHTED that he lost the election for the job he was too busy campaigning for, to realize that he wasn’t doing his job…

      The sad note on this is that District Attorney Rene Guerra, who held office by winning reelection – and staying out of jail (i think he’s the only unindicted DA Hidalgo has ever had)for almost 30 years, lost the election to my second least favorite former 92nd District Court Judge, Ricardo Rodriguez. Given the number of elected or appointed positions Rodriguez’ family members hold in Hidalgo County, I am hoping that I can be cautiously optimistic that someone in la familia can at least advise RickyRod on the duties and limits of his new position.

      And I’m damn grateful that I moved out of the corrupt cesspool that is Hidalgo County. It’s funny..nobody is surprised when I tell them where all of my “they can’t do that” experiences occurred.

      Can’t wait til you’re sworn in, Judge Singleterry. Let’s get this party started!


    • Jessie, you are by far my most prolific commenter. You are also very vague. Who are you? I’m going out on a limb here and bet that you are related to or intimately connected to, someone I’ve told unpleasant truths about here on my lil ol blog.

      YOU seek ME out. So engage in meaningful dialogue. If you believe what you say, own it. My real name appears on my blog as plain as can be. I don’t have clever or mysterious screen names or email addresses. If I am compelled to exercise my freedom of speech, then I do so openly and without fear – only the lies and shadows of others have caused me harm so far.

      I’m proud to know that I’ve helped other women that were victims of the same (initial) crime of stalking. I will continue to make time for those who are victims of a corrupt machine that is piloted by people who aren’t intelligent enough to do their jobs legally, and instead do them profitably, inexpertly and without conscience.

      If I had shut down my blog when you kindly suggested it, I’d have never been approached by the two Hidalgo County professionals who are looking for ways to shine a light on the corruption they face every day.


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