Sanctuary Sally’s Austin Police Officer Husband Beat An Illegal Alien While On Duty


How can Ms. I-Will-Protect-Illegal-Aliens say with a straight face that she will make Austin a safe harbor for those here by non-legal means, when 4 years into her marriage to CURRENT husband Doroteo “Ted” Salas Hernandez Jr., while she was an investigator for the Travis County District Attorney, Ted’s fellow officers accused him of beating Mr. Rosales so badly that the jail refused to allow the prisoner to be processed and sent him to receive medical attention?  

So Sally Hernandez is telling Travis County voters that she is going to make a difference, and help…who? Oh yes – the very people Ted Hernandez has terrorized and abused. Ted was arrested for family violence and then in the year he married Ms. Sally Irene Riedle Wooten Whitley Whitley Whitley Best Hernandez, Ted was arrested again, but for violating the protective order his victim (and former spouse, and mother of one of his children). A few years later, he does this…and all while “serving” as an Austin Police Officer.
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Plain text cut and paste of article as it appears online:

Police officer accused of beating was fired before
Posted: Monday, August 27, 2001

The Associated Press
AUSTIN (AP) – A police officer accused by colleagues of beating a handcuffed prisoner last week was fired in 1997 after his arrest on charges of domestic violence and violating a protective order.

Austin officer Doroteo “Ted” Hernandez appealed his firing and was back in uniform six months after the criminal charges against him were dropped, the Austin American-Statesman reported Sunday.

According to disciplinary records the newspaper obtained, the civil service arbitrator who gave Hernandez his job back ordered the officer to seek counseling, visit a department psychologist and stay out of trouble.

According to the disciplinary records, San Marcos police arrested Hernandez at his home in January 1996 after receiving reports of a domestic dispute. Hernandez was charged with assault and family violence with bodily injury.

Hernandez was fired after he was arrested again in October 1996 on charges of repeatedly violating his now ex-wife’s restraining order against him.

Hernandez, 40, a six-year veteran, now faces accusations from other officers that he repeatedly struck a handcuffed but combative Fernando Rosales on Aug. 17 while trying to force the drunken driving suspect into the patrol car.

Rosales, who is from Monterrey, Mexico, was taken to Brackenridge Hospital with head and facial wounds.


From the district clerk’s online records (at

Cause Number D-1-GN-03-002984
Case Status CLOSED
Filed Date 8/15/2003
Hearing Date February 28, 2005 09:00 AM

DEFENDANT     JANE DOE                               SANDERS ROBIN


                               BURNETT MICHAEL                              
                               LEONARD RAY

                                DOYLE JAMES D




By the way – this law enforcement power couple has another fun item that kinda fits in here as well. Cause Number D-1-GN-97-012978; CASTILLO VS CITY OF AUSTIN; Filed 11/18/1997  (Search for it at  Ted was part of a group of APD officers who sued the city for “back pay” owed to bilingual officers.  I’m impressed that Ted had the time for work AND court appearances that year.


Cause Number  D-1-GN-97-012978
Case Status  CLOSED
Filed Date  11/18/1997
Hearing Date  —
Attorney Type Full/Business Name First Name Middle Name Last Name


COMING UP NEXT: LIES SALLY TELLS, TRUTHS SALLY AVOIDS – I’ll show you how in her own publicly released, very own approved statements, this unqualified and unethical pretender to the throne misleads you, the citizens and voters of Travis County.


The New & Unimproved 92nd District Court

I had posted this and then removed it because someone wrote and gave me quite a bit of grief over it. After considering carefully, I am reposting it. The beauty of the USA and my freedom of speech is that I am allowed to publicly voice my opinion that elected officials have made mistakes. Being quiet and trying to “play nice” has gotten me consistently fucked over in this divorce. Pardon my squeaking wheel.

When Judge Jaime Tijerina was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to fill the position vacated by Ricardo Rodriguez, I was optimistic. Even knowing that he had gone to school with my exhusband from elementary school at Our Lady of Sorrows all the way through McAllen High School.

I mean how much worse could it get, right?

Famous last words.

I’m working on a nice detailed timeline to post, but a few of the highlights:

1) When shown documentation of a $100,000 settlement that my ex had tried to conceal from me, the judge simply ASKED my ex what was “left”, without requiring any sort of accounting or proof, and accepted my ex’s verbal estimate of $10,000 as gospel. He then misstated the source of the funds in the judgement, and refused to correct it in our final orders.

2) In our April 3 hearing, Judge Tijerina was shown documentation of an asset that was purchased before final orders were given. Judge Tijerina refused to enforce his own order that any asset concealed from me during the trial and judgement would be awarded to me.

3) Because my ex travels out of the country regularly and has family in Mexico, I have repeatedly asked for restrictions on my daughters passport. The part of the orders concerning her passport, presented for entry by my ex’s attorneys, bore no resemblance to what the transcript of the judges oral orders stated. Judge Tijerina ignored my protests and further refused to make the rewritten orders reflect what he had proclaimed. I requested that at least the written orders be amended to mirror federal passport law, and was refused, with Judge Tijerina saying “the law will prevail over the orders”.

What the fuck?

As I know first hand, what is “legal” and what a government employee, elected official, or officer of the court does can be at opposite ends of the spectrum. As an example, how about Judge Tijerina’s predecessor, Hidalgo County’s next District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez? He blithely made those Temporary Orders Pending Appeal in this SAME CASE, that were out of his jurisdiction by 8 months. And then proceeded to enforce them, for which my protest of earned me 2 weeks in jail and a restraining order.

4) According to what my attorney relayed to me regarding what was said “off the record” in chambers, Judge Tijerina told the attorneys that he wanted this case out of his court! I have requested repeatedly that this case be moved – neither my ex nor I lived in Hidalgo County when he filed for divorce, and we now live 4 hours away.

But I guess now this case is inconvenient for the judge. What do you think my odds are of getting another court to fix what this court has spent four years screwing up?

5) Back between August and November, when a total of FIVE different judges had been assigned to this case, and it had been rescheduled by the court (not including the two continuances the parties had agreed to) THIRTEEN TIMES, I started getting a little worried. So I did what any voting taxpayer would do: I started calling my elected officials.

Sen. Judith Zaffirini’s office ran it by their legal team and they agreed that a phone call letting the latest judge (Tijerina) know that this tax paying, voting mother was desperately ready for a fair trial. Please quit with the rescheduling and get this three year old case wrapped up.

Judge Jaime Tijerina’s reaction to Senator Zaffirini doing her job as my elected official? To call my attorney and REPRIMAND me, via my lawyer. I was told to “call off the dogs” – if I’d made any other phone calls, that I needed to make sure no one else called about my case.

6) At our hearing at 1:30 Thursday April 3, 2014, we were the only thing on the docket for that afternoon. That date had been selected after the court set a hearing date without bothering to check with my side as to our availability. So my attorney and I make an 8 hour round trip, only to be told by Judge Jaime Tijerina when we get there, that we have TWENTY MINUTES, because he has somewhere he needs to be. After rescheduling me more than a dozen times in the last year or so, one more would have certainly been preferable to an 8 hour trip to see a judge who apparently has no interest at all in actually doing his job.

And those dogs I called off? I won’t make that mistake again. I forgot how much it intimidates would be authority figures when an individual knows and exercises their rights.

I would like to once again thank the OWLS for graciously taking the time to be in the courtroom. I am grateful that I had respected and impartial witnesses present to hear that a judge was too busy to do his job, refused to enforce his own order, and insisted upon leaving language in an order that he knew was in direct conflict with federal lawn.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain

This was originally a reply to a comment someone made to another post. Punctuation and the niceties of writing suffer some when I try to write the Great American Novel from my iPhone, but this was from the heart and I decided to share with more than “Beto”.

Actually, now that I did a bit of research, it seems that the Panama Unit incident fell under federal, not local or state,prosecutorial jurisdiction.

Rene Guerra’s challenger and his followers have cleverly played upon the voters hearts with promises to prosecute a tragic 50 year old case. They have also tried to paint Rene Guerra as derelict in his duties, insisting that he shoulders some culpability for the corruption of the Panama Units actions or punishment.

An uninformed or misinformed voter, embarrassed by the Rio Grande Valley once again in the national spotlight, can be gently led to choosing a political sacrifice. What they need to be reminded of is how the Valley keeps earning its reputation for corruption:

The Panama Unit scandal, the crimes that brought it to a boil, were cooked up using a time honored local recipe. Some greed, opportunity, and a generous helping of cabal-like families holding too much political power in the small community monarchies of South Texas. Add ego and a dash of entitlement to taste. Leave unattended over an open flame until it blows like a meth lab.

I heard some rhetoric about “change” a few years ago, and I think we didn’t ask enough questions about what exactly that meant.

Now we are hearing that word again. But what kind of change? Ricardo Rodriguez, in my opinion, comes from one of those cabals. How many relatives of his hold, have held, or have been removed from local positions of power?

Rodriguez insisting that Rene Guerra could have or should have overreached his jurisdiction is pretty funny to me.

Ricky Rod certainly had no problem making his own rules when he acted outside his jurisdiction of the 92nd District Court in my divorce.