The Many Marriages of (Would-be Sheriff) Sally Hernandez


Ms. Hernandez presents herself as a stable woman who has fought adversity to get where she is today.  The truth is, she has had a great deal of help along the way – and most certainly hasn’t been “on her own” at any point.

In an October 24 Facebook post, Matt Mackowiak (UT Austin grad, Political Commentator and CEO of Potomac Strategy Group) said this about his recommendation of Joe Martinez for the office of Travis County Sheriff  (copied and pasted from his post):

Travis County Sheriff: Joe Martinez — The Democratic candidate for Sheriff has pledged to make Austin a ‘Sanctuary City,’ a position so extreme and irresponsible that she has united the outgoing Democratic Sheriff, Greg Hamilton, and the much more qualified Republican candidate, Joe Martinez, in opposition to her dangerous proposal. Would she release dangerous criminal aliens on her first day? How can the Sheriff refuse an ICE detainer issued by a federal judge? Who conducts the national security background checks in our county jails if ICE is thrown out? How much is Sally Hernandez prepared to cost Travis County when the Texas Legislature defunds Sanctuary Cities this spring? Joe has 40 years of law enforcement experience, a ten point platform (read it at, and is the only bilingual candidate and the only Austin native running. To my Democratic friends, this race alone should persuade you not to vote straight ticket this year. Sally Hernandez, who has been married nine times to four different men, would be a disaster and she is manifestly unqualified.

Now…You might say what possible bearing does Sally’s married life have on her ability to be sheriff?  Following is a Cliff’s Notes timeline.  Ask yourself what this says about her personal values, her decision making skills, her interpersonal communication skills, integrity, follow through, problem solving skills and commitment.  One of my proofreaders asked me “well, what if it wasn’t all her fault?”   And my answer is the same as I give my friends who wonder why all of the people they date are rotten people:  Guess who was one half of every one of those failed relationships?  At some point you can’t blame being young and stupid, just stupid, needing a father figure, having a bad childhood….at some point you have to admit that you make shitty decisions, and are having a bad adulthood.

Without further ado, I present: Sally’s Timeline of Love


21 Feb 1958     Birth of Sally Irene Riedle (Probably somewhere in Texas

*****circa 1973        Sally claims “I ran away from an abusive home when I was 15 years old but a woman named Jeannette took me in, kept me in school, and gave me a                                                          second  chance. ”  (  see page 25 for more of her answers to a candidate questionnaire)

20 May 1975  Luckily, Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Riedle, the parents Sally ran away from about 2 years prior, were on hand to announce her pending nuptuals in the The Llano News.

15 Jul 1975     High school Junior Sally marries 22 year old Cleo Gene Wooten (b. 1953 – d. 2002) in Llano, Tx.  It sure was nice of her estranged parents to show up and presumably consent to the                            marriage of a girl who’d celebrated her 17th birthday 5 months prior, to a 22 year old man.  The age of consent in Texas, for both sex and marriage, is 18.

 28 Jun 1979  Birth of Son William Cody Wooten (1979–2003) in Llano, Texas.  According to Sally “I had a child with special needs”  (from same questionnaire as above).  I am not trying to pick on a special needs kid or a mom who is doing everything she can, but it seems a bit odd that I can’t find anywhere that Sally has mentioned what her deceased son’s special needs were.  Most people in the public eye would use their fame to help others afflicted with whatever condition their loved one had, and try to raise awareness for acceptance or prevention or a cure.

6 Oct 1982    Sally Riedle Wooten and Cleo Gene Wooten divorce in Llano County.


20 May 1983  Sally Riedle Wooten marries Mickey Joe Whitley (1957 –  ) in Llano County.  Mickey Joe went to Llano High School with Sally.

01 Mar 1985   Birth of Son Thomas Gregory Whitley (1985 – ) in Travis County

24 Jul 1987    Sally Riedle Wooten Whitley and Mickey Joe Whitley  divorce in Llano

31 Dec 1987   Sally Riedle Wooten Whitley marries MICKEY JOE WHITLEY.  Again.  5 months after their divorce was final. (Llano County)


14 Nov 1988  Less than a year after remarrying, Sally and Mickey Joe Whitley call it quits again, this time divorcing in Travis County.


18 Dec 1988  34 days after her second divorce from Mr Whitley is final, Sally Riedle Wooten Whitley Whitley marries Dan Howard Best (1950 – ) in Travis Co.

22 Mar 1990  A year and 3 months later, Sally Riedle Wooten Whitley Whitley Best bids adieu to hubby number 3 (or 4, depending on how you are counting) Dan Best, in Travis, Co.

15 Sep 1990  A whole six months later, Sally marries…….Mickey Joe Whitley. Again.  That’s the third time, if you are keeping score. (In Travis County, for the record. And actually, the records are                             all available online.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.)

13 Sep 1995  I bet you’re just shocked to learn that the third time was not the charm… Mrs. Riedle Wooten Whitley Whitley Best Whitley divorces Mickey in Travis County.

19 Dec 1995  Mickey Joe Whitley married somebody else!  He tied the knot with his brand new bride, Karen, in Travis County

14 May 1996  According to the County of Travis, on this date Sally and Mickey Joe Whitley trotted on down to the Travis County Courthouse and either applied for a marriage license OR got                                themselves married for the FOURTH time.  I imagine that Karen Whitley was surprised, seeing as how she is STILL married to Mickey Joe, and haven’t even divorced                                    once.  If you need to see it with your own eyeballs, the info is found by searching for Mickey Joe Whitley marriage licenses in Travis County, or look for: Certificate #73553; Date of                         Application 5/14/1996; Book 242; Page 172

25 Oct 1997  Always a bride, never a bridesmaid – Sally married Doroteo Salas Hernandez Jr (1961 – ) in Travis County, making her Mrs. Sally Riedle Wooten Whitley Whitley Best Whitley                            Whitley Hernandez.  The happy couple have not divorced at all since their first marriage to each other.


Now, go back up and look at the second date on the timeline.  The one about Sally running away, and a kind woman named Jeannette – dang, I guess Sally couldn’t remember Jeannette’s last name, or how they met….Don’t worry.  I am delighted to help out! See the next post to find out who the apparent good hearted stranger took in a 15 year old girl off the streets of Llano. Wait, why would anyone run away to Llano??



Curley Jury Trial Set for 6/2/14 or Maybe 6/9/14 – and Guess What Info An Indicted Stalker Can Subpoena?!

The summary page for both Dr Curley and Hank Lehmann at the Harris County District Clerk website show a change of date for the jury trials to 06/09/2014; the settings pages for both still show the previously posted 06/02/2014 trial … Continue reading

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Dr. Steven Curley & Hank Lehmann Pre-Trial Hearing Today

Both defendants are scheduled to begin their trial by jury next week, in separate cases.

It seems like it would be more difficult to reschedule if a jury has been selected and is standing by… I will update here as soon as I have more information.

The Natalie Wright, Steven Curley, Karen Beaty & Kanzius Timeline

curleybeaty2007I really wouldn’t have bothered to go through all of this trouble, except that the current Mrs. Curley piqued my interest by claiming as fact a few unsubstantiated dates and events. When I started casually searching, I found more than I expected and am working on compiling it all. This post will be a work in progress, as I don’t think I can finish it in one sitting, so please bear with me. I’m not sure yet if I will edit this post or add installments like a penny serial.

I have tried to document as many cases as possible of Eblaster specifically, and especially those occurring in Texas.  It has been frustrating for me to have a similar case pending against my ex husband, and not be able to find much follow up on what happened in these cases after the initial report made the news.  My interest in Steven Curley was simply that it was currently pending in Texas and involved Eblaster.  I have more posts on the Curley case – and more personal outrage – because it is going on right now, and the delays alarm me because I have this vision of my ex dragging it out even after indictment.  Do I know if Dr Curley is guilty?  I do not.  Do I believe that Dr Curley is guilty?  While I am not privy to evidence or court information, it is my personal belief that Dr. Curley probably did install, or cause to be installed, Spectorsoft Eblaster on a computer used by Karen Beaty, without her consent.  Based on my own experience with investigators and a District Attorney’s office, I find it hard to believe that the Harris County District Attorney would seek and obtain an indictment without an awful lot of really solid evidence – computer forensics, software purchase information, IP address mapping, access records from email accounts….  That Natalie claimed the police found nothing on Dr Curley or Hank Lehmann’s computers strikes me as less than the whole story – Dr Curley’s request to the court – that wasn’t until March 2014 (despite Natalie’s assertation that the defense has been trying to obtain the prosecutions evidence all along)  –  specifically requested copies of evidence that had been obtained through UT and MD Anderson.  I welcome any proof that can be offered to substantiate her claims.  My personal opinion is also that Dr Curley is taking advantage of his skill and reputation as the Man Who Might Cure Cancer, to draw attention away from the felony Illegal Intercept charges, and further believe that if convicted, he will argue that the greater good is served by him not being accountable for anything he may be convicted of.  A felony conviction would result in a minimum mandatory sentence, and mean that he could no longer hold a professional license.  If Dr Curley is innocent, I hope that he can prove it and hold the woman who accused him of a felony, criminally accountable.  As a side note, I find it odd that Hank Lehmann’s case records with the Harris County District Clerk (the supposed accomplice, and allegedly the man who actually installed the software) don’t reflect the same requests and information as Dr. Curley’s.  It seems that it is in both defendants best interests to present as being unified in their innocence.

I’m not quite sure yet where this is going; I get the feeling that the people of Erie, PA think that Dr Steven Curley has a lot more to answer for than installing a surveillance program on his second wife’s computer.  Search through the archived articles at and you’ll see what I mean.  If nothing else, their outrage at the Kanzius Foundation being funded by loving donations and then the fruits of the foundation’s labors being sold for lots and lots of money…well, they are asking for answers that I think are more than deserved.

As for my original intent, I got curious when Natalie Wright Curley showed an interest in posting her side of the story on my website.  I personally lean toward thinking that her statement that she “met and married” Dr Curley in 2012 seems a bit convenient in it’s time frame. I am not positive from her online divorce documents when her marriage to Joseph Wright was formally terminated, but in June 2012, the case shows orders being made. She worked for MD Anderson in at least two positions by 2012, both of which had to do with Intellectual Property. (I will provide links to substantiate that asap)

Natalie claimed that the Beaty/Curley marriage had ended because of an affair on the part of Karen Beaty.  She has not provided any information that shows that possibility; my guess is that the 3rd Ms. Curley is repeating what her husband told her. I have an ex husband, and am familiar with the spin they put on their previous marriages in order to gain sympathy and support.

Natalie states that Beaty stalled divorce proceedings to try to get “more money”, and attempted to obtain $1,000,000 from Steven Curley, in exchange for Karen not going to the police with the spyware allegations; she also claims that Ms. Beaty is still trying to get more money from Dr. Curley.  Karen A. Beaty seems, according to the information I can find online, to be a more than competent professional Physicians Assistant.  Ms. Beaty has co-authored published medical research papers, both with and without Dr. Curley.  She makes a rather respectable annual salary at MD Anderson, and has been praised in another WordPress blog as a wonderful PA by the wife of a cancer victim.  None of what I have found so far leads me to believe that Karen Beaty is a gold digger with a grudge.  My opinion at this time is that she was probably an active, vital part of Dr. Curley’s Kanzius related research, and felt that she was entitled to a portion of the potential financial gain that Dr Curley was likely to come into after he acquired the rights to the Kanzius intellectual property and patents.




*****This is easier to cut and paste, as the entry I am wanting to showcase is rather far down in the page. But you can certainly follow the link and scroll down to verify that I copied it unedited:


06/13/2013 Kanzius Research Blog:   I am not sure that everyone who has commented here understands that
“Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation” (KCRF) and “Therm Med LLC” (TM) are two separate business entities with entirely different roles and responsibilities.

KCRF is responsible for fund-raising for the research that “is currently” being researched at University of Texas – MD Anderson with studies led by Steven A. Curley. That’s all they can do based on their incorporation status.

John Kanzius incorporated
TM as a limited partnership which is the assignee of the two patents. See also wikipedia article on Therm Med for patent and business registration in the “References” section,_LLC and for email to the corporation.

The shares of TM have been distributed to over 15 people — where Mary Ann Kanzius is both the General Manager and majority shareholder. Only TM can file the paperwork with the FDA. Also, remember, this invention was conceived at a kitchen table with pie pans and the partners at Therm Med are not experts in patents, licensing, or commercialization process. It takes a tremendous amount of money, time, energy to deal with all the legalese and the adversarial capitalistic environment of business.

I think we need to remember that John Kanzius invented this rf generator outside of an academic institution. The majority of inventions are created either at a university or an established corporation. The process for a researcher at MD Anderson would go to Office of Technology Commercialization and coordinate with them to get the patent issued and licensed. Inventing a patent in this environment is easier because you have experts to walk you through the process. (Note that staff includes Natalie Wright Curley is Steven Curley’s wife).

Because the patent is not held by the university, they are not responsible for filing any legal or business paperwork. Only TM can file with the FDA.

I imagine that both legal fees (patent filing, corporate registration, tax filing, and lawsuits) along with manufacturing fees for the many versions of the rf generator are piling up. (For legal representation see: and for manufacturing see: Industrial Sales and Manufacturing

I think many are quick to blame.
I agree chemotherapy was not part of John’s original vision. However, if the technology works, then there is an urgency to bring it to market to save lives. Who knows what John would have thought about adding a very small dosage of chemotherapy? He had over 30 treatments of chemo didn’t he?

It is reasonable to be angry with cancer, and the inability for corporations/doctors/hospitals to find the answer to this disease. Additionally, there is a lack of a streamlined government system to make jumping through the hoops easier for businesses to be developed and funded.

Remember, there is no way to see the whole picture and the only way to possibly try is by standing in their shoes.

I think I listed many of the key players, shareholders and some of the potential difficulties that exist.

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The New & Unimproved 92nd District Court

I had posted this and then removed it because someone wrote and gave me quite a bit of grief over it. After considering carefully, I am reposting it. The beauty of the USA and my freedom of speech is that I am allowed to publicly voice my opinion that elected officials have made mistakes. Being quiet and trying to “play nice” has gotten me consistently fucked over in this divorce. Pardon my squeaking wheel.

When Judge Jaime Tijerina was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to fill the position vacated by Ricardo Rodriguez, I was optimistic. Even knowing that he had gone to school with my exhusband from elementary school at Our Lady of Sorrows all the way through McAllen High School.

I mean how much worse could it get, right?

Famous last words.

I’m working on a nice detailed timeline to post, but a few of the highlights:

1) When shown documentation of a $100,000 settlement that my ex had tried to conceal from me, the judge simply ASKED my ex what was “left”, without requiring any sort of accounting or proof, and accepted my ex’s verbal estimate of $10,000 as gospel. He then misstated the source of the funds in the judgement, and refused to correct it in our final orders.

2) In our April 3 hearing, Judge Tijerina was shown documentation of an asset that was purchased before final orders were given. Judge Tijerina refused to enforce his own order that any asset concealed from me during the trial and judgement would be awarded to me.

3) Because my ex travels out of the country regularly and has family in Mexico, I have repeatedly asked for restrictions on my daughters passport. The part of the orders concerning her passport, presented for entry by my ex’s attorneys, bore no resemblance to what the transcript of the judges oral orders stated. Judge Tijerina ignored my protests and further refused to make the rewritten orders reflect what he had proclaimed. I requested that at least the written orders be amended to mirror federal passport law, and was refused, with Judge Tijerina saying “the law will prevail over the orders”.

What the fuck?

As I know first hand, what is “legal” and what a government employee, elected official, or officer of the court does can be at opposite ends of the spectrum. As an example, how about Judge Tijerina’s predecessor, Hidalgo County’s next District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez? He blithely made those Temporary Orders Pending Appeal in this SAME CASE, that were out of his jurisdiction by 8 months. And then proceeded to enforce them, for which my protest of earned me 2 weeks in jail and a restraining order.

4) According to what my attorney relayed to me regarding what was said “off the record” in chambers, Judge Tijerina told the attorneys that he wanted this case out of his court! I have requested repeatedly that this case be moved – neither my ex nor I lived in Hidalgo County when he filed for divorce, and we now live 4 hours away.

But I guess now this case is inconvenient for the judge. What do you think my odds are of getting another court to fix what this court has spent four years screwing up?

5) Back between August and November, when a total of FIVE different judges had been assigned to this case, and it had been rescheduled by the court (not including the two continuances the parties had agreed to) THIRTEEN TIMES, I started getting a little worried. So I did what any voting taxpayer would do: I started calling my elected officials.

Sen. Judith Zaffirini’s office ran it by their legal team and they agreed that a phone call letting the latest judge (Tijerina) know that this tax paying, voting mother was desperately ready for a fair trial. Please quit with the rescheduling and get this three year old case wrapped up.

Judge Jaime Tijerina’s reaction to Senator Zaffirini doing her job as my elected official? To call my attorney and REPRIMAND me, via my lawyer. I was told to “call off the dogs” – if I’d made any other phone calls, that I needed to make sure no one else called about my case.

6) At our hearing at 1:30 Thursday April 3, 2014, we were the only thing on the docket for that afternoon. That date had been selected after the court set a hearing date without bothering to check with my side as to our availability. So my attorney and I make an 8 hour round trip, only to be told by Judge Jaime Tijerina when we get there, that we have TWENTY MINUTES, because he has somewhere he needs to be. After rescheduling me more than a dozen times in the last year or so, one more would have certainly been preferable to an 8 hour trip to see a judge who apparently has no interest at all in actually doing his job.

And those dogs I called off? I won’t make that mistake again. I forgot how much it intimidates would be authority figures when an individual knows and exercises their rights.

I would like to once again thank the OWLS for graciously taking the time to be in the courtroom. I am grateful that I had respected and impartial witnesses present to hear that a judge was too busy to do his job, refused to enforce his own order, and insisted upon leaving language in an order that he knew was in direct conflict with federal lawn.

Comment from Natalie Wright Curley regarding the allegations against her husband, Dr Steven Curley

Mrs. Steven Curley

Mrs. Steven Curley

The original comment appears as a response to my recent “Gasp!…” post. I have copied and pasted it here because I want her opinion to be heard as well.

Dear Ms. Terry,
I am so sorry for the struggles you have with your ex husband. It sounds like a very difficult road. But, I truly feel that I must speak out against people that assume the criminal allegations against Steve Curley are true.

Has it occurred to you that our criminal “justice” system can be used as a weapon and that Dr. Curley may be the victim? Did you know that his marriage to Karen Beaty ended because Ms. Beaty had an affair with her physical therapist in 2009? Did you know that she stalled the divorce proceedings, in spite of her wrong doings to try and get more money from Dr. Curley? Did you know she tried to extract $1 million dollars in exchange for not making this allegation? Did you know that the police could find nothing on Dr. Curley or Mr. Lehman’s computers linking them to this crime? Did you know that even though their divorce has been final over three years, that she is still trying to extract money from him?

I met and married Steven Curley in 2012 and he is the kindest most loving man I have ever met. Not only is he a wonderful husband and father, he is an amazing cancer surgeon, not just because of his astute technical skill, but because he actually gives a damn about his patients.

The delays in this case have also been heartbreaking to us, as “someone” has anonymously been making complaints to the Texas Medical Board and insurance carriers trying to prevent Dr. Curley from practicing medicine and attempting to destroy his career that he has taken over 20 years to build. His patients are also the losers in this. It has taken months for our attorneys to obtain information from third parties to try and prove his innocence…which is exactly what the system is making us do.

So while I appreciate your concern in tracking similar cases and feeling like you are doing something in response to a very broken system, I implore you not to convict my husband in the public eye when you have no idea what the real facts are.

Most Sincerely,
Natalie Wright Curley

Dr Curley – His Attorney’s Reason For Delay

For some reason, only Erie, PA journalist Emily Matson and I seem to be at all concerned with this case dragging on. Thank you and applause to her for getting more information. The following is quoted directly from her 03/26/14 article. It can be seen in its natural setting here.

The top doctor at the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation will make his way into a Texas courtroom in April.

57-year old Dr. Steven Curley is charged with illegally spying on his ex-wife’s computer activities.
A hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday in Harris County, Texas is now set for April 15th.
His lawyers are trying to get their expert to take a forensic look at his ex-wife’s computer.
Curley is facing a felony charge for allegedly installing tracking software on his ex-wife’s computer, without her knowledge.
Curley is free on $10,000 bond.
He’s still working on the Kanzius project, at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Awesome. He’s free to move about the cabin. I wonder what kind of deal he would get if convicted…you know, with MD Anderson, Kanzius and Baylot pulling strings for him? Or are those strings keeping him out of court altogether?

Gasp! Dr Curley / Hank Lehmann Spyware Felony Case Delayed!!!

You are, I am certain, flabbergasted to discover the unexpected and startling news that the MD Anderson doctor and his alleged sidekick did not face the justice system today. Once again, both criminal cases have been reset; this time both … Continue reading

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