Dr Curley – His Attorney’s Reason For Delay

For some reason, only Erie, PA journalist Emily Matson and I seem to be at all concerned with this case dragging on. Thank you and applause to her for getting more information. The following is quoted directly from her 03/26/14 article. It can be seen in its natural setting here.

The top doctor at the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation will make his way into a Texas courtroom in April.

57-year old Dr. Steven Curley is charged with illegally spying on his ex-wife’s computer activities.
A hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday in Harris County, Texas is now set for April 15th.
His lawyers are trying to get their expert to take a forensic look at his ex-wife’s computer.
Curley is facing a felony charge for allegedly installing tracking software on his ex-wife’s computer, without her knowledge.
Curley is free on $10,000 bond.
He’s still working on the Kanzius project, at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Awesome. He’s free to move about the cabin. I wonder what kind of deal he would get if convicted…you know, with MD Anderson, Kanzius and Baylot pulling strings for him? Or are those strings keeping him out of court altogether?


Hank Lehmann, alleged accomplice of Dr Steven Curley

Eblaster, Dr Steven Curley alleged accomplice
Eblaster, Dr Steven Curley alleged accomplice

Eblaster, Dr Steven Curley alleged accomplice

Somehow, I had neglected to add Hank Lehmann to the list of Eblaster enthusiasts. According to news reports, and the Harris County District Clerk’s website, Hank was Dr. Curley’s alleged computer expert, who installed the spyware on a computer belonging to Curley’s ex wife. Lehmann is also a former employee of the Texas cancer hospital, M D Anderson, in Houston.

Dr. Curley isn’t scheduled to appear in court until later this month (February 26, 2014), and is out on bail. Mr. Lehmann, it seems is going to trial on February 19, 2014.

I am interested to see how that plays out….