Sally Hernandez: Why is she lying about being “a 15 year old runaway”?

So…Anytime I research anyone – to write about them, or before I put my faith in what they say – I do a little digging around their family tree.  I bet Ms. Sally Riedle Wooten Whitley Whitley Best Whitley Hernandez didn’t plan on anyone doing that when she made the following statement:

I ran away from an abusive home when I was 15 years old but a woman named Jeannette took me in, kept me in school, and gave me a second chance.

That was taken directly from Capital Area Progressive Democrats website:  (page 25)

Now perhaps I am misunderstanding the nuances of the English language, but that sentence paints a picture for me, and that picture is of a young teen, far from home, when a light shines from above and a random, previously unknown good Samaritan plucks this child off of the streets of Llano, makes sure that she gets a good education, etc.

“Ran away” is a powerful phrase – I think of long bus rides that take you far from the possibility of seeing anyone who would recognize you and what you ran away from could come looking for you.  The statement “a woman named Jeannette” somehow implies that perhaps Jeannette’s last name escapes Sally, or maybe just that she didn’t know Jeannette prior to being taken into her home.

What really happened:

Sally was born in 1958.  If she ran away at the age of 15, that would have been in 1973. Sally was the youngest of 4 children;  brothers John Ernest, Roy Lee, and David Ray would have been 23, 20, and 19 years old – most likely not living at their parents home when Sally ran away. I’m going to speculate here, and say that if the brothers were not living in the same house when Sally “ran away”, then she probably wasn’t running away from abuse at the hands of her brothers.  Her paternal grandparents lived in Missouri, and her maternal grandparents weren’t close enough that I would suspect they were the abusers.  That leaves, by process of elimination, Gregg and Dorothy, Sally’s parents.

Sally Irene Riedle lived in Kingsland, Llano County, Texas with her parents, Gregg Edward Riedle and Dorothy Lee (Morris) Riedle.   Sometime in 1973, Sally “ran away” to Llano, Llano County, Texas.  Google tells me that those two Llano County towns are 20.1 miles apart.

Llano (the town) was not randomly selected, nor was it chance that “a woman named Jeannette” took her in.  It isn’t even surprising, considering that Jeannette was living with Sally’s oldest brother, John Ernest Riedle.

Jeannette Goble, in 1973, was 29 years old and had three children (Tina Sue Logan, David Earl Logan, and John Wesley Lucas) by two previous husbands (David Lee Logan and John Douglas Lucas).  15 Feb 1975, Jeannette married Sally’s brother John E. Riedle.

I’m not sure when Jeannette and John divorced exactly, but I do know that Jeannette married Sam McPhearson on 2 Aug 1976.


How do I know that it isn’t just a coincidence that Sally’s savior and her brother’s wife had the same name? Exhibit 1, the Facebook screen shot.(and there are more comments like that, but they are more of the same; the words of a proud mother figure)


Exhibit 2: please note in the second paragraph,

Tina Sue is survived by…parents, San and Jeanette McPherson;…sisters, Sally Hernandez and husband Ted of Austin,

Read more:


Now, explain to me why Sally Hernandez is not owning up to the fact that her sister in law was the woman who “took her in”? Why can’t she say that she moved in with her brother, 20 miles away from her parents?  And after all of that “abusive home”,  in 1975, just before Sally became a child bride at 17 (which as a minor, she would have had to have gained parental consent to marry) her mom and dad placed a proud announcement in the Llano News, declaring her engagement to Mr. Wooten.

To recap, Sally moved 20 miles away to live with her brother and the woman he would marry. She didn’t drop out of school to support herself, and less than two years after running away, she was chummy with the presumed abusers again.

Perhaps it’s not exactly lying, but it is deceptive.  Much like Ms Sally thumps her chest and howls from her soap box about victims of domestic abuse, and how she as Sheriff will make the victims her priority, and her platform about the plight of the illegal immigrant in Travis County jails (who isn’t just there because they needed a cheap hotel room for the night, they are in jail either because they WORK there, or they were ARRESTED FOR A CRIME.  But it’s a good thing Sally’s hubby Ted (aka Doroteo) Hernandez is no longer an Austin police officer!  Just ask Fernando Rosales, the illegal immigrant Ted was supposed to transport to jail…but according to his fellow officers, beat the tar out of while assisting Rosales into the back of the cruiser.

And if I can dig up info to prove that she’s lying…or omitting the truth…about these things, then what have I not found yet?  What won’t I be able to find until after the election?  Or after you find out she’s lied about what she would do as sheriff?



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