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Sally Hernandez: Why is she lying about being “a 15 year old runaway”?

So…Anytime I research anyone – to write about them, or before I put my faith in what they say – I do a little digging around their family tree.  I bet Ms. Sally Riedle Wooten Whitley Whitley Best Whitley Hernandez didn’t plan on anyone doing that when she made the following statement:

I ran away from an abusive home when I was 15 years old but a woman named Jeannette took me in, kept me in school, and gave me a second chance.

That was taken directly from Capital Area Progressive Democrats website:  (page 25)

Now perhaps I am misunderstanding the nuances of the English language, but that sentence paints a picture for me, and that picture is of a young teen, far from home, when a light shines from above and a random, previously unknown good Samaritan plucks this child off of the streets of Llano, makes sure that she gets a good education, etc.

“Ran away” is a powerful phrase – I think of long bus rides that take you far from the possibility of seeing anyone who would recognize you and what you ran away from could come looking for you.  The statement “a woman named Jeannette” somehow implies that perhaps Jeannette’s last name escapes Sally, or maybe just that she didn’t know Jeannette prior to being taken into her home.

What really happened:

Sally was born in 1958.  If she ran away at the age of 15, that would have been in 1973. Sally was the youngest of 4 children;  brothers John Ernest, Roy Lee, and David Ray would have been 23, 20, and 19 years old – most likely not living at their parents home when Sally ran away. I’m going to speculate here, and say that if the brothers were not living in the same house when Sally “ran away”, then she probably wasn’t running away from abuse at the hands of her brothers.  Her paternal grandparents lived in Missouri, and her maternal grandparents weren’t close enough that I would suspect they were the abusers.  That leaves, by process of elimination, Gregg and Dorothy, Sally’s parents.

Sally Irene Riedle lived in Kingsland, Llano County, Texas with her parents, Gregg Edward Riedle and Dorothy Lee (Morris) Riedle.   Sometime in 1973, Sally “ran away” to Llano, Llano County, Texas.  Google tells me that those two Llano County towns are 20.1 miles apart.

Llano (the town) was not randomly selected, nor was it chance that “a woman named Jeannette” took her in.  It isn’t even surprising, considering that Jeannette was living with Sally’s oldest brother, John Ernest Riedle.

Jeannette Goble, in 1973, was 29 years old and had three children (Tina Sue Logan, David Earl Logan, and John Wesley Lucas) by two previous husbands (David Lee Logan and John Douglas Lucas).  15 Feb 1975, Jeannette married Sally’s brother John E. Riedle.

I’m not sure when Jeannette and John divorced exactly, but I do know that Jeannette married Sam McPhearson on 2 Aug 1976.


How do I know that it isn’t just a coincidence that Sally’s savior and her brother’s wife had the same name? Exhibit 1, the Facebook screen shot.(and there are more comments like that, but they are more of the same; the words of a proud mother figure)


Exhibit 2: please note in the second paragraph,

Tina Sue is survived by…parents, San and Jeanette McPherson;…sisters, Sally Hernandez and husband Ted of Austin,

Read more:


Now, explain to me why Sally Hernandez is not owning up to the fact that her sister in law was the woman who “took her in”? Why can’t she say that she moved in with her brother, 20 miles away from her parents?  And after all of that “abusive home”,  in 1975, just before Sally became a child bride at 17 (which as a minor, she would have had to have gained parental consent to marry) her mom and dad placed a proud announcement in the Llano News, declaring her engagement to Mr. Wooten.

To recap, Sally moved 20 miles away to live with her brother and the woman he would marry. She didn’t drop out of school to support herself, and less than two years after running away, she was chummy with the presumed abusers again.

Perhaps it’s not exactly lying, but it is deceptive.  Much like Ms Sally thumps her chest and howls from her soap box about victims of domestic abuse, and how she as Sheriff will make the victims her priority, and her platform about the plight of the illegal immigrant in Travis County jails (who isn’t just there because they needed a cheap hotel room for the night, they are in jail either because they WORK there, or they were ARRESTED FOR A CRIME.  But it’s a good thing Sally’s hubby Ted (aka Doroteo) Hernandez is no longer an Austin police officer!  Just ask Fernando Rosales, the illegal immigrant Ted was supposed to transport to jail…but according to his fellow officers, beat the tar out of while assisting Rosales into the back of the cruiser.

And if I can dig up info to prove that she’s lying…or omitting the truth…about these things, then what have I not found yet?  What won’t I be able to find until after the election?  Or after you find out she’s lied about what she would do as sheriff?


New Texas Law – Tx HB 2268

In summer 2013, Governor Rick Perry signed into law0 Texas House Bill 2268

This has been hailed as a boon to consumer privacy, as it requires that law enforcement obtain a warrant if they are requesting, for example, a persons actual email content or IP address information.

More importantly for people like me, who have been the victim of cyberstalking, this law also gives companies like Twitter, Google / Gmail, AOL, etc, NO MORE THAN 15 DAYS TO COMPLY WITH THE WARRANT. If the magistrate signing the warrant chooses, he or she may pare down that time to three days if they feel the urgency is required. The law also requires that a warrant signed by any judge in the state of Texas be honored by any company that does business in the state of Texas. Proof of doing business in the state may consist of that little check box you click, swearing that you’ve read the Terms Of Service for the company. (I know you haven’t read any of them – just read one. Like Facebook’s. Scary stuff)

That’s pretty important, because Google and the others (I’m picking on them because they are the biggest thorn in my butt) have a tendency to claim that they only will honor warrants obtained in the same county as their base of operations. Fun game of hide and seek when a company’s HQ is in Denver and they are incorporated in Delaware – or outside the USA.

The caveat here is that the warrant must be “properly worded”. That might suck, depending on the literacy and competence level of your investigating agency.

I have heard, probably a dozen times, that we were waiting on _________ to comply with a warrant and it just takes time, gosh darn it.

Well, it takes 15 days now in Texas. Make sure that your own Keystone cops know the law, and know that YOU know the law.

Dr Curley Strikes Deal To Avoid Prison

Well, it’s a far cry from the “vindication” that the good doctor swore was coming. But he has effectively “gotten off”.

I personally feel like his media campaign chronicling his cancer research progress was carefully choreographed to coincide with press releases about his pending court dates.

I’ll post more complete info later, but the Erie News is on top of it

The charges were not dismissed. It looks like he took a plea deal.

Love that justice system.

Ex-Wife Hit with $20,000 Judgment in Greeneville for Eavesdropping with Spyware: Klumb v. Goan

This is one of the cases that made my list – even though it isn’t in Texas. While it involves Eblaster, it’s unique in that a woman is the cyber criminal. In my unscientific opinion, from the cases I’ve seen, it usually seems to be the husband or boyfriend resorting to spyware. Or at least getting caught using it!

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Knoxville divorce lawyers Husband and Wife married in 2006. He was a wealthy businessman and she a new attorney.

Prior to the marriage, Wife purchased spyware called “eBlaster.” eBlaster is a computer software program that can perform various spyware functions. It can record every keystroke made on the computer on which it is installed. It can also keep track of all websites visited and all applications used on that computer, and it can capture screenshots of instant messages and cached webpages. Further, it can be directed to automatically forward copies of incoming email accessed on that computer to a third party email address.

After the marriage, Wife surreptitiously installed eBlaster on Husband’s work computer. She set up the program to send a report of all computer activities to her email address every hour.

After about 1.5 years of marriage, the marriage had deteriorated. Wife filed for divorce.

Husband hired a forensic computer expert to…

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The New & Unimproved 92nd District Court

I had posted this and then removed it because someone wrote and gave me quite a bit of grief over it. After considering carefully, I am reposting it. The beauty of the USA and my freedom of speech is that I am allowed to publicly voice my opinion that elected officials have made mistakes. Being quiet and trying to “play nice” has gotten me consistently fucked over in this divorce. Pardon my squeaking wheel.

When Judge Jaime Tijerina was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to fill the position vacated by Ricardo Rodriguez, I was optimistic. Even knowing that he had gone to school with my exhusband from elementary school at Our Lady of Sorrows all the way through McAllen High School.

I mean how much worse could it get, right?

Famous last words.

I’m working on a nice detailed timeline to post, but a few of the highlights:

1) When shown documentation of a $100,000 settlement that my ex had tried to conceal from me, the judge simply ASKED my ex what was “left”, without requiring any sort of accounting or proof, and accepted my ex’s verbal estimate of $10,000 as gospel. He then misstated the source of the funds in the judgement, and refused to correct it in our final orders.

2) In our April 3 hearing, Judge Tijerina was shown documentation of an asset that was purchased before final orders were given. Judge Tijerina refused to enforce his own order that any asset concealed from me during the trial and judgement would be awarded to me.

3) Because my ex travels out of the country regularly and has family in Mexico, I have repeatedly asked for restrictions on my daughters passport. The part of the orders concerning her passport, presented for entry by my ex’s attorneys, bore no resemblance to what the transcript of the judges oral orders stated. Judge Tijerina ignored my protests and further refused to make the rewritten orders reflect what he had proclaimed. I requested that at least the written orders be amended to mirror federal passport law, and was refused, with Judge Tijerina saying “the law will prevail over the orders”.

What the fuck?

As I know first hand, what is “legal” and what a government employee, elected official, or officer of the court does can be at opposite ends of the spectrum. As an example, how about Judge Tijerina’s predecessor, Hidalgo County’s next District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez? He blithely made those Temporary Orders Pending Appeal in this SAME CASE, that were out of his jurisdiction by 8 months. And then proceeded to enforce them, for which my protest of earned me 2 weeks in jail and a restraining order.

4) According to what my attorney relayed to me regarding what was said “off the record” in chambers, Judge Tijerina told the attorneys that he wanted this case out of his court! I have requested repeatedly that this case be moved – neither my ex nor I lived in Hidalgo County when he filed for divorce, and we now live 4 hours away.

But I guess now this case is inconvenient for the judge. What do you think my odds are of getting another court to fix what this court has spent four years screwing up?

5) Back between August and November, when a total of FIVE different judges had been assigned to this case, and it had been rescheduled by the court (not including the two continuances the parties had agreed to) THIRTEEN TIMES, I started getting a little worried. So I did what any voting taxpayer would do: I started calling my elected officials.

Sen. Judith Zaffirini’s office ran it by their legal team and they agreed that a phone call letting the latest judge (Tijerina) know that this tax paying, voting mother was desperately ready for a fair trial. Please quit with the rescheduling and get this three year old case wrapped up.

Judge Jaime Tijerina’s reaction to Senator Zaffirini doing her job as my elected official? To call my attorney and REPRIMAND me, via my lawyer. I was told to “call off the dogs” – if I’d made any other phone calls, that I needed to make sure no one else called about my case.

6) At our hearing at 1:30 Thursday April 3, 2014, we were the only thing on the docket for that afternoon. That date had been selected after the court set a hearing date without bothering to check with my side as to our availability. So my attorney and I make an 8 hour round trip, only to be told by Judge Jaime Tijerina when we get there, that we have TWENTY MINUTES, because he has somewhere he needs to be. After rescheduling me more than a dozen times in the last year or so, one more would have certainly been preferable to an 8 hour trip to see a judge who apparently has no interest at all in actually doing his job.

And those dogs I called off? I won’t make that mistake again. I forgot how much it intimidates would be authority figures when an individual knows and exercises their rights.

I would like to once again thank the OWLS for graciously taking the time to be in the courtroom. I am grateful that I had respected and impartial witnesses present to hear that a judge was too busy to do his job, refused to enforce his own order, and insisted upon leaving language in an order that he knew was in direct conflict with federal lawn.

Comment from Natalie Wright Curley regarding the allegations against her husband, Dr Steven Curley

Mrs. Steven Curley

Mrs. Steven Curley

The original comment appears as a response to my recent “Gasp!…” post. I have copied and pasted it here because I want her opinion to be heard as well.

Dear Ms. Terry,
I am so sorry for the struggles you have with your ex husband. It sounds like a very difficult road. But, I truly feel that I must speak out against people that assume the criminal allegations against Steve Curley are true.

Has it occurred to you that our criminal “justice” system can be used as a weapon and that Dr. Curley may be the victim? Did you know that his marriage to Karen Beaty ended because Ms. Beaty had an affair with her physical therapist in 2009? Did you know that she stalled the divorce proceedings, in spite of her wrong doings to try and get more money from Dr. Curley? Did you know she tried to extract $1 million dollars in exchange for not making this allegation? Did you know that the police could find nothing on Dr. Curley or Mr. Lehman’s computers linking them to this crime? Did you know that even though their divorce has been final over three years, that she is still trying to extract money from him?

I met and married Steven Curley in 2012 and he is the kindest most loving man I have ever met. Not only is he a wonderful husband and father, he is an amazing cancer surgeon, not just because of his astute technical skill, but because he actually gives a damn about his patients.

The delays in this case have also been heartbreaking to us, as “someone” has anonymously been making complaints to the Texas Medical Board and insurance carriers trying to prevent Dr. Curley from practicing medicine and attempting to destroy his career that he has taken over 20 years to build. His patients are also the losers in this. It has taken months for our attorneys to obtain information from third parties to try and prove his innocence…which is exactly what the system is making us do.

So while I appreciate your concern in tracking similar cases and feeling like you are doing something in response to a very broken system, I implore you not to convict my husband in the public eye when you have no idea what the real facts are.

Most Sincerely,
Natalie Wright Curley

Dr Curley – His Attorney’s Reason For Delay

For some reason, only Erie, PA journalist Emily Matson and I seem to be at all concerned with this case dragging on. Thank you and applause to her for getting more information. The following is quoted directly from her 03/26/14 article. It can be seen in its natural setting here.

The top doctor at the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation will make his way into a Texas courtroom in April.

57-year old Dr. Steven Curley is charged with illegally spying on his ex-wife’s computer activities.
A hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday in Harris County, Texas is now set for April 15th.
His lawyers are trying to get their expert to take a forensic look at his ex-wife’s computer.
Curley is facing a felony charge for allegedly installing tracking software on his ex-wife’s computer, without her knowledge.
Curley is free on $10,000 bond.
He’s still working on the Kanzius project, at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Awesome. He’s free to move about the cabin. I wonder what kind of deal he would get if convicted…you know, with MD Anderson, Kanzius and Baylot pulling strings for him? Or are those strings keeping him out of court altogether?